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Suite 455 San Antonio, TX 78216
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What Can I Expect in My Visit?

Our north central San Antonio office is minutes from the North Star Mall and San Antonio International Airport. We are conveniently located in The Pyramid business center at the intersection of San Pedro Avenue and Loop 410. There is ample parking.A photo of The Pyramid Building in San Antonio on a sunny day.

When you arrive at our office on the fourth floor, you’ll have 100 percent of our attention. We don’t double-book appointments, and we are considerate of your time. We’ll greet you at the desk. Don’t plan to spend much time in our comfortable waiting area—we place a high priority on staying on schedule. We also maintain a pleasant, calming atmosphere so you feel relaxed during your visit. Our treatment rooms have large windows with views of San Antonio.

Your first visit may be a diagnosis and consult or a treatment appointment, depending on your needs. Consults last about 30 minutesThe waiting area of Oak Hills Endodontics. The walls are pale green and softly illuminated by a lamp. There are three armchairs. and give you a chance to talk to the doctor about your needs and options. Treatment appointments usually last between one and two hours. Your appointment will be with one of our four endodontists: Dr. Janse, Dr. Rayyan, Dr. Thompson, or Dr. Bates.

If you have been referred to our practice by a general dentist, we will generally have information about your case forwarded to our office and may do your treatment at your first appointment. We will also need a medical history and other forms. Those forms are available here. If you’re not comfortable filling out forms online, we can arrange for you to come early for your appointment and take care of that in our office.

During your appointment, we will need to take additional digital x-rays and possibly more detailed images with our 3D cone beam CT machine. We invest in the latest dental technology so treatment is as quick, comfortable, and accurate as possible. You can click here to read more about the advanced technology we use.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Janse, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Rayyan, or Dr. Bates, please call us at 210-342-2444. Alternatively, you can fill out this form, and we will call you.