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San Antonio Root Canal Microscope

At Oak Hills Endodontics, we invest in advanced dental technology. Cutting-edge equipment helps us perform root canal treatments and other endodontic procedures successfully and quickly.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment, Dr. Janse, Dr. Bates, Dr. Thompson, or Dr. Rayyan will open a hole into the affected tooth. A picture of Dr. Janse performing endodontic treatment using a root canal microscope.That will expose the pulp chamber and the infected tissue within. We’ll remove the infected tissue with specialized tools. We use rotary instruments and ultrasonics to remove the decay and any debris, and leave the canals inside the tooth enlarged, with smooth surfaces that will be easy to fill and seal.

All the tooth’s canals must be completely cleaned. Otherwise, the infection will return. However, sometimes it’s hard to account for all the canals of a particular tooth. Some teeth have complex canal systems, with multiple nerve roots and accessory canals. Some canals are irregularly shaped. The size of a typical tooth root at the crown is 3 to 4mm, and the canals get smaller as they approach the apex of the tooth. Without magnification, they’re hard to see.

Root Canal Microscope Advantages

Many dentists use some magnification when they work. The most typical magnification is magnifying eyewear. A close-up picture of the viewfinder of a root canal microscope.These glasses offer magnification between 2x and 8x. Root canal microscopes offer much stronger magnification, up to 25x. They also provide light, illuminating the interior of the tooth. Endodontists receive special training in endoscopic microscopes as part of their advanced clinical education.

According to the American Association of Endodontists, multiple procedures are better performed with the aid of root canal microscopes. We may use a microscope when:

  • Locating small and hard-to-see tooth roots
  • Clearing obstructions from inside the tooth
  • Repairing perforations in the tooth
  • Detecting cracks that are too small to see with the naked eye
  • Performing endodontic surgery

To make an appointment with Dr. Rayyan, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Janse, or Dr. Bates, please call our office at 210-342-2444. You can also fill out our appointment request form here, and we will call you to schedule a visit.